Responsible Gambling

Indianapolis Lotto believes that responsibility is everyone's business. We support several initiatives to encourage responsible game play, as well as responsible consumption of resources. Our aim is to provide exciting and engaging lottery games that bring fun and entertainment to everyone, while ensuring as far as possible that individuals play within their means and that the vulnerable and persons less than 18 years of age are protected.

Winning a prize is always a matter of luck. There is no skill required in order to win a prize and therefore, no matter how you play, you cannot influence the outcome. It is not possible to work out or control an outcome that is based on chance and people who try to do this risk losing a lot of money.

For example, when you flip a coin, the chance of it landing on heads is the same as the chance of it landing on tails i.e. there is a 50% chance. If you repeatedly flip a coin, and heads comes up a number of times in a row, it is easy to think that tails might be “due” on the next flip. This is often referred to as the “Gambler’s Fallacy” – when someone mistakenly believes that the onset of a certain random event is less likely to happen following an event or series of events. This line of thinking is incorrect because past events do not change the probability that certain events will occur in the future. In this example, each coin flip is an independent event, which means that any and all previous flips have no bearing on future ones.

This can also be applied to Lottery Games – whether you are playing online or buying in-store. Although our games have an “odds on winning” statement, you cannot increase your chances of winning by playing or buying more. For example, a scratch card might state that the odds on winning are 1 in 4. This does not mean that buying four scratch cards will guarantee a win. The prizes are randomly spread throughout an entire game, and winning a prize is purely a matter of luck.

Remember to play responsibly and to play for fun.